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Why you should shop from Mount Clad

Mount Clad is an online and offline shopping center where we are bringing you the fabric that breathes. Explore the purity of Himalayan Fabrics that breathes alongside with you.

The products are of top notch quality where everything is handmade. We provide a wide range of winter fashionable attires to choose from.

We work only for a limited time period so that we can make the superior quality of clothes especially for you that fits your needs.


Customer reviews

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Very Nice Warm and Comfortable. What they have mentioned in the product description, it is exactly the same.


I bought 2 Jackets from them last year and till now no complaints has been there.


I bought one cardigan from Mount Clad, I'm in love with it. It's Warm Cozy Lightweight and I wear all day during winters.


The Jackets are super cool and I really liked it. The material is very durable and lightweight at the same time.


Now what do I say about Mount Clad's apparel, the fabric is super strong, looks classy and I was looking for hand made sweaters from a long time and thanks to Mount Clad for ending my search. In 2020 I will definitely buy more from you.